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movie review + spoilers ; pitch perfect 2
Monday, May 18, 2015 ,10:18 PM (+ 0)

not a professional type of review and this review is based on my personal opinions so please understand
Title : Pitch Perfect 2
Director : Elizabeth Banks
Starring : Anna Kendrick, Skylar Astin, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Hana Mae Lee and more
Language : English
Overall Rating : 4.5/5

first of all, i definitely have to say that the second sequel is better than the first one, this is based on my opinion okay and the people who have watched it doesnt have to agree with me in any way. the storyline this time is better and revolves around a bigger scope rather than just focusing inside Barden University only. in this sequel they took part in the world acapella competition so we got to see different kinds of performances ranging from different countries. so its really amazing okay.

honestly saying, their friendship, performances, talents are shown better in this sequel rather than the first one. like my fav part was when they went to Aubrey's recreation park. they were taught how to strengthen their bond in order that they can sync their vocals better together and they made it. eventhough they failed to free Beca from the trap and only Lilly did it all alone in a really weird way lol and eventhough it all started when Beca got mad to Chloe and wanted to leave the park, they eventually got back together to fix things up and had a heart-to-heart talk with everyone's in it. so in that section, they had all confessed their feelings out and talked about their plans after graduating and Beca did say that they'll miss all of the girls very much and they all eventually sang " When I'm Gone " , the song that Beca sang for her audition to get into the Bellas in Pitch Perfect 1. and to be honest, this part is really really sad and i almost cried but didnt lol and they all even had tears in their eyes so its really sad okay. i like it that their friendship got enlighten more in this sequel.

okay so in this sequel, we even got to see a new acapella group well i guess its not new its just that they were first introduced in this sequel because they were absent in the first one. the group is called Das Sound Machine and their performances are really the bomb to me. i honestly thought that they have the potential to out perform the Bellas in the world acapella competition but that was my opinion before the Bellas made their performance in the competition and i was proved wrong by the Bellas after all. But the Das Sound Machine was really awesome okay like their performance is so strong and perfectly synchronized so they were a really great competitor to the Bellas. i love the interactions shown by these two groups although DSM was pretty rude and mean to the Bellas but its nice to see the competition between these too. and uhm coughs uhm the lead guy in DSM is pretty handsome lol

did i tell you that my fav part was when the Bellas went to the camp ? oh but not just that, my other fav part was their last performance shown in the movie, like it got me really amazed okay and i have never expected such an amazing performance from them and i really knew who would i pick as the winner if i were one of the judgers in the world competition lol. of course its the Bellas cuz no kidding, their performance will get you all fascinated and amazed and maybe even had your mouth opened wide. you would never expect such performance for an acapella group really. their performance really did bring the acapella genre or whatever it is called to next level. well, true that they did gymnastics and all in their other performances in that sequel but all of them has failed to mesmerize me like their last performance in the movie. they even had all of the graduated members of the Bellas performed with them, its just amazing and really touched my heart.

honestly, their last performance got me all shivery because i was touched to the max. the new member Emily is damn amazing too and her voice was just perfection. together, Emily and Beca nailed the performance with their solos. and congrats to Emily x Benji ship for getting into my otp list in the movies but still, Bloe is still my fav ship from the movie lol pssst Bloe is Beca x Chloe btw. im sorry, cant help it, they're just too cute lol. so these are all the reasons why a person or even the whole community needs to watch Pitch Perfect 2. i highly recommend it to all of you ! please please go watch it. its really amazing plus Fat Amy is funnier in this movie compared to their first sequel. so i definitely have to say that the movie is worth the money and time. tell me your opinions on the movie if you have watched it in the comments section okay ! i would love to know your opinions on this movie

sorry for the grammar errors, i will re-read this entry later and correct it and for more reviews feel free to request them in my chatbox or ask.fm or on any of my sites. thank you and yeah you dont have to remind me of how suck i am at writing reviews lol

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