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Day 20: Funniest U-Kiss member
Tuesday, February 21, 2012 ,4:09 PM (+ 0)
Oh my kevin ! *melting* Why you have to be so cute ? Btw, by putting his picture, doesn't mean he's the funniest member in u-kiss lol

Assalamualaikum. So I miss Alexander who used to be the king of gags in u-kiss in the past before he got kicked out from u-kiss. But currently, the king of gags is... *drum rolls*
  • Funniest U-Kiss member
Eli ! I love this pigeon so much. Cute pigeon boy. Hahah xD He loves to fool around all of the other members and makes fun of them. His funny inside. Only loyal kiss me knows this :P But he show another side of him, manly side when he's on stage. Trust me, he's playful and quite childish without you knowing. Blood type Os always like that. They are lots of funs and jokes. If you don't believe me, try to make friends with blood type Os and see how playful they are xD Well, I think they're cute just like my kevin oppa ! :3
PS: Chukkahae Min unnie, Jia unnie, Fei unnie and Suzy unnie for recording 1 million views for the MV "Touch" ^^ Miss A daebak ! Miss A hwaiting !
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21 February 2012,4.09PM by Pikevin 

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