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Day 21: Hottest U-Kiss member
Wednesday, February 22, 2012 ,4:09 PM (+ 0)

Assalamualaikum. I know you know what will I answer for this one :P But I'll give evidence too for my answer.
  • Hottest U-Kiss member
I think kevin is the hottest among other members. Why ? I've found a list of top 20 most popular valentine kpop idols. And I was shocked to see kevin was in the list. He's on #14th place. And another evidence is, you can ask all of the kiss mes all around the world. Ask them, who is the member they adore the most and most of them will answer "kevin". Try making a survey if you want to know. :) And guess what, I'm jealous to all of his fans because they took my bias ! lol jk
If you don't agree with me, leave a comment and tell me who do you think is the hottest member in u-kiss. xD Assalamualaikum
PS: You touch my heart babeh, touch touch - Miss A lol I'm so addicted to this song -.-
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22 February 2012,4.09PM by Pikevin 

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