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Day 22: Cutest U-Kiss member
Thursday, February 23, 2012 ,3:27 PM (+ 0)
U-Kiss Bran New Kiss CD ♥

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  • Cutest U-Kiss member
Kevin woo is the cutest member in u-kiss (for me) He is like the fake maknae in u-kiss because he loves to aegyo a lot. He is playful and childish. He always listen to his hyungs. He always got bullied by his hyungs and dongsaengs. He's even cuter than the cool maknae, Dongho (mianhae oppa) This is my opinion. Kevin is an angel, kind-hearted angel. I love him because he's cute. I love all of his selcas. He's just cute like his sister, Deanna woo. xoxo, lots of love, Pikevin.
Thats all kbai
PS: I've replayed A Shared Dream - U-Kiss for like more than 10 times. This song is so beautiful and sad.
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23 February 2012,3.27PM by Pikevin 

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