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Day 23: What do you like about Kevin
Friday, February 24, 2012 ,2:56 PM (+ 0)

Assalamualaikum to all muslims and may peace be upon you to non-Muslims. Ohh I like day 23 lol. It's about my bias ! But the other members are also my bias :P
  • What do I like about Kevin
He's cute, awesome, an angel. I love his voice. His voice is so beautiful. I love his eye-smile. I love the way he aegyo. I love his aegyo when he's with kiseop / soohyun. He's like a wife for kiseop and a namdongsaeng for soohyun. He respects all of his hyungs and kind-hearted to all of his dongsaeng. He never forget his fans, he always listen to his sister and his mom. He's soft-hearted and he's beautiful when he acts like a girl. He's flexible and can cover almost all of the girl group dances. I, as his fans, really proud of him. Please stay healthy for us, Kiss Me and take care of yourself. Do not forget us and spread your love to all your fans btw, thanks for the song, Lifetime for Kiss Me that is specially made for us, Kiss Me. We love you and will always support you. We are grateful of it ^^
I would write longer but it wall take a year to finish it :P
PS: Thanks u-kiss, for the offical mv of Lifetime for Kiss Me. Em' so proud of you guys :')
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24 February 2012,2.56PM by Pikevin 

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