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Day 25: What do you like about Alexander
Wednesday, February 29, 2012 ,3:40 PM (+ 0)
From left: Alexander, right: My Kevin :B I miss xander !

Assalamualaikum to all muslims and may peace be upon you to non-muslims. This challenge makes me miss xander so much ! :( I hope he'll never forget u-kiss members and us, Kiss Me. Kiss Me will always support you ! ^^
  • What do I like about Alexander
He's funny and playful. He loves to aegyo and he loves his fans. He's friendly too ^^ I miss all of his attitudes, his playful acts and mostly his aegyo ! Eotteohkae oppa ? Why did you left u-kiss ? :( Kiss Mes miss you so much including me ! Although you left u-kiss, I still support you. Please take care of yourself and stay healthy. Don't forget us, Kiss Mes and I believe you won't. That's why I love you !
I can't type any longer. I'm sick lol bye
PS: Can't wait to receive starcall from u-kiss ! Btw, why they deleted block b from the list of artist ? :( Shit I hate starcall.
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29 February 2012,3.40PM by Pikevin 

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