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Day 26: What do you like about Eli
Monday, March 5, 2012 ,2:17 PM (+ 0)

Hello. I'm back now just for a short time. I got exam and I have to study for it -___- So Eli is one of my favourite member in u-kiss. Well, all of the members in u-kiss are my favourite trolololol.
  • What do I like about Eli
He's a pigeon and I love animals and pigeon too. But for me he's my only pigeon in da world. Muahahahah *kiss pigeon* I love everything about this pigeon, especially his eyes ! I will melt if he stares me seriously. His beautiful mouth makes me wanna kiss him lol and I believe he's a good kisser ? Aww :p He's one of the funniest member in u-kiss with his real pigeon acts. lol Idk why he's so handsome. Maybe because he got american accent ? Yeah I think so. I miss the time when he's married to my Kevin oppa (lol married) xDDD They're so sweet but then, Kevin runs to Kiseop and forget his real husband, Eli. So sad. Poor Eli :( Don't worry, let me be your wife ! LOL jk. Well, he's friendly with his fans.If you followed him on twitter, you can see a lot of tweets of him for his fans. He's tweeting with almost all of his fans and I wish I could be one of them :( It's easy for me to talk with him because he's fluent in english as you know. Well, I love him !
Remember, he can't beat my Kevin. :p
PS: Forever pigeon Eli ! Lets make this as a trend on twitter since his birthday is near. I can't wait and Soohyun's oppa birthday is just around the corner too :p
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5 March 2012,2.17PM by Pikevin 

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