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Day 27: What do you like about Kibum
Wednesday, March 7, 2012 ,2:47 PM (+ 0)

Hello, fyi, Kibum is one of the ex-member of U-Kiss. So, this is an old challenge :p But I'm not gonna change it.
  • What do I like about Kibum
First of all I wanna say that I miss him so much. Please come back to U-Kiss :( I think he's the most friendly among all of the members beside Xander and Soohyun oppa. It's because, he always keep in touch with all of his fans. Do you know the StarCall apps on android ? He always give a call to all of his fans. If you see the video preview, almost all of the videos are from him lol. He is funny and always make pranks to all of the other members. Lol and I love his eye smile ^^
Muahahahah, that's it , bye :3
PS: Tonight I shall be singing for you through the night -UKiss
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7 March 2012,2.48PM by Pikevin 

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