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Day 28: What do you like about Dongho ;
Friday, March 9, 2012 ,5:46 PM (+ 0)
This is so beautiful ! D: U-Kiss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello, today I'm gonna talk about Dongho, the cool and cute maknae from u-kiss :D
  • What do I like about Dongho
He's type B, same like me ! I love his cool and lazy acts and that makes he looks so cute. Seriously, I've never seen a cool maknae like him xD He's living in his own world lol same like me. Meaning that, he always does his own thing and he will ignore all the people around him. I got many similarities to him. He's my first bias in u-kiss actually, but I fell in love to Kevin xD  I love when Dongho does girl group dance cover with Kevin. And fyi, Dongho is the most flexible member in u-kiss :3 I love his cuteness, and everything about him lol. I love him just like I love the other members. Btw, he's not a bit friendly with his fans lol. He sometimes even get mad to his fans because he's a type B. Yes, I admit that I am hot-tempered too trololololol
No offense bye
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9 March 2012,5.47PM by Pikevin 

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