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Day 29: What do you like about Kiseop ;
Saturday, March 10, 2012 ,9:39 PM (+ 0)
This is Kiseop. Okay my oppa is handsome aite ?

Just one more day ! Heheh proud of myself. I can end this challenge now ^ ^ So day twenty nine is about my 3rd bias which is Kiseop oppa ! Well, actually I love all of the members fair and square but I love Kevin the most ! :P
  • What do I like about Kiseop
His eoljjang face, his aegyo-ness. I love all of his selcas. He's the king of selca in u-kiss. I think he got more than thousands of selcas since 2008, lol. I think he's quite taciturn and loves to live in his own world. So I don't have much to say about him. But he's tall and I like tall guys heheh. I love his hair ! Ahhh eotteohke ? TT
I really have no idea what to say about him lol sorry bye
PS: #HAPPYBIRTHDAYSOOHYUNANDPIGEONELI ! Happy early birthday ! Well not for Soohyun :P Can't wait ^ ^
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10 March 2012,9.39PM by Pikevin 

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