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Day 30: Why do you love U-Kiss ;
Sunday, March 11, 2012 ,3:11 PM (+ 0)
Eli's face makes him looks so cute ! TT Ahh oppa eotteohke ?

Hello and yay, I'm happy because this is my last day for this challenge ^^ After this post I'm gonna make a list from day 1-30 for this challenge kay ? Please read it. joke, read it if you want -.-
  • Why do I love U-Kiss
Because they are way too awesome to be hate. Starting from Soohyun, the leader and to Dongho, our cool maknae. I love all of them. Including our Alexander and Kibum. I miss you :( I'll never forget my 9 beautiful angles. U-Kiss is forever 9 ! I love them because they are talented and got hidden talents which people can't see with their eyes. Though, U-Kiss is not that popular, they never give a sign of despair to give up. Seriously, and they're the most friendly group ever. They're fans-friendly lol -___- I love every single thing about them. Their talents,cuteness,hotness,characteristics,voices,dances and everything ! How to spell U-Kiss ? P-E-R-F-E-C-T !
U-Kiss + Kiss Me = AWESOME ! Kay bye bye u-kiss challenge :'(
PS: #OnlySooHyun had became worldwide trend within only 1 hour after his birthday. Kiss Me daebak !!!! I LOVE YOU SOOHYUN, MY LEADER AND OPPA !
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11 March 2012,3.11PM by Pikevin 

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