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U-Kiss 30 Day Challenge ;
Sunday, March 11, 2012 ,3:52 PM (+ 0)

As I promise ;)
  • List of challenge ;
Day 1: How did you find about U-Kiss
Day 2: First favorite U-Kiss member (first impression, before you knew all members)
Day 3: Your favorite U-Kiss member and why. Did it change ?
Day 4: Your least favorite U-Kiss member
Day 5: First U-Kiss song you heard
Day 6: Your favorite U-Kiss song
Day 7: Your least favorite U-Kiss song
Day 8: A U-Kiss song that makes you happy
Day 9: A U-Kiss song you memorized the lyrics to
Day 10: A U-Kiss song that makes you dance
Day 11: A U-Kiss dance you memorized all the dance moves
Day 12: A U-Kiss dance you want to learn
Day 13: First U-Kiss MV you watched
Day 14: Favorite U-Kiss MV
Day 15: First U-Kiss variety show you watched
Day 16: Favorite U-Kiss variety show
Day 17: Favorite U-Kiss interview
Day 18: Best dancer in U-Kiss
Day 19: Best singer in U-Kiss
Day 20: Funniest U-Kiss member
Day 21: Hottest U-Kiss member
Day 22: Cutest U-Kiss member
Day 23: What do you like about Kevin
Day 24: What do you like about Soohyun
Day 25: What do you like about Alexander
Day 26: What do you like about Eli
Day 27: What do you like about Kibum
Day 28: What do you like about Dongho
Day 29: What do you like about Kiseop
Day 30: Why do you love U-Kiss
This is it. Byeeeee ^^
PS: I'm tired of challenges. Gonna take a rest for a while and I'll be back with Block B challenge later ^^
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11 March 2012,3.52PM by Pikevin 

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