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Tuesday, April 3, 2012 ,7:11 PM (+ 0)
I'm in love with Taeyang-ssi. U mad ? Stay mad.

Assalamualaikum, hi-yeom :3

I feel sick right now. Idk why. But forget about it, because I'm gonna continue my story. First of all, I gotta say that you must wait for the next episode of my on-going fan-fiction, patiently. I forgot my main idea and I have to create a new one which is kinda same with my main idea. I'm still trying to memorize it. Sorry for the inconvenience. It's not that easy as you think so to write a fan-fiction y'know ?

Before I proceed to my next story, I'm warning you that I only write random post to make it a little longer and interesting ? Hahah okay wtf, I'm bragging .___. Kay now, I'm all stressed out with school stuffs and personal stuffs. It's kinda tiring but well, I must move on and never give up himeul nae, kkeumeul hyanghae. And my dream is to be ..... I have no idea but I really want to be a pianist ?

Today I am kinda quite at school. Idk but I'm kinda tired and I've slept in class for like more than 3 times attempt lol. I slept in civic and biology class because it is very very boring. Our teacher doesn't care about it and just let it be. Not only me who had slept in class but also my fellow classmates. I love my teacher for her kindness looool. Cruel isn't it ? Who cares ?

He made me felt guilty. I am. How can he understands me ? I can't even give any logical reasons to prove that I love him more than anything. Though, he might think I am the worst girl that he had ever met. Nevermind, no worries. It will be fine and back to normal. I believe it will. Make it will ! Make it will ! Jebal... I'm hoping something that you don't even know. I'll pray and I'll pray and I'll pray.

So that's it. My random stories end right here.

Assalamualaikum, bye-yeom :3
PS: Just watched ukwonnie rapped zico's part in synchronization 100%  and it was daebak and too hot !
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3 April 2012,7.12PM by Pikevin 

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