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Day 1: Your favorite teaser ;
Tuesday, April 24, 2012 ,9:15 PM (+ 0)

Hi-yeom. Today I'm gonna start doing my 30 days EXO challenge. Heheh so this is day 1. My favorite teaser is Teaser 13 Sehunnie. Because of his awesome dances *thumbs up*

This is the teaser cut. Credits: x

And starting from today I'm gonna label all of my posts. This is a short post from me. That's all for today. Idk what to post anymore xD Byeee-yeom.
PS: I want Chanyeollie's photocard. Jebal oh jebal *close my eyes* Btw, I just dreamed about EXO this evening and I'm shoooo happy. They are so awesome in my dream *drooling*

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