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Day 2: Your bias from EXO-M ;
Wednesday, April 25, 2012 ,4:35 PM (+ 0)
Kris-eu-ssi, be mine

Hi-yeom guys. I'm back with day 2 for 30 Days EXO Challenge. I don't have anything else to post so I will only post about challenges until I got some hot stories to tell ya :P So, you must be curious about my bias in EXO-M right ? I've just told ya. Didn't realised it ? I'll repeat it again. It's Kris the flying dragon from EXO-M. He's not my ultimate bias in EXO-M actually. I just don't know who to pick. They are just so awesome. But I'm into Kris and Bun much. Who's Bun ? Xiumin oppar <3 The cutey little bun (he makes me hungry)

This is the bun I mean just now

Isn't he's cute ? All of them in EXO-M are cute. This makes me want to post all of the members pics. Can I ? EXO-M members pic posting time ! :P (because they all are my bias,can't pick)

Luhan-ssi, the most attractive and cutest member of all aka Mr.Stitch

Lay-ssi. The dancing machine in EXO-M ;D

Chen-ssi. He has the attracting voice of his.

And last but not least, our maknae in EXO-M, Tao ! Maknae with the fucking bbuing bbuing who makes Kris oppar drooling lol joke

I love all of EXO-M members. EXO-K + EXO-M + EXOTICS = ONE BIG FAMILY So, bye-yeom ;3
PS: I want to buy that signed card :(

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