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Day 3: Your Top OTP ;
Thursday, April 26, 2012 ,6:51 PM (+ 0)
Stop making me jealous, i hate you baekhyuna

Hi-yeom. This is day 3 and today I'm not just gonna post about this challenge but I'm gonna tell you some stories too. Heheh so lets start with the challenge first. I've already post my OTP picture :P Found it ? For sure. I just love all of the OTPs in EXO. I ship all of them equally. And i'm seriously in jealous mode with Baekyeol. Baekhyun, do you know that it hurts me ? sobs sobs please gimme my yeol back

Lets forward to my next OTP. I believe there are so many shippers for this couple. It's Taoris, tadaaaaaaah !

Meet taoris, the bbuing bbuing maknae feat the charming leader, can you just imagine ?

That's my 2nd ultimate OTP. They are just soo cute. And I wish I can watch the moment where Tao bbuing bbuing to his kris hyung just to get what he wants ;AAAA; sorry to all of their fans because they are already married, joke xD Curious about my 3rd OTP ? Sure because you'll drool after knowing my 3rd OTP is *drum rolls* Hunhan ! And they got the most shipper among all of the other OTPs xD Good job hunhan *claps*

Tadaaaahh ! It's the cutest couple, Hunhan ! Our sehun only smiles when he's with Luhannie-ssi xD

You must be hunhan shipper too ! Am I right or am I wrong ? Must be right ! xD No one can hate them, agree ? ;) So last but not least, my 4th and last OTP in my OTP list goes to Kaisoo ! Some of the people are confused about who is the real soo. People think soo means suho but it's actually D.O the big eyed confused boy :P

Aww how I love this pic so much. This is sooo sooo cute ! TT

So that's all for my challenge today.

Random stories (malay language)

Okay so aku nak cerita pasal pasal............. Keep on reading to know xD Harini aku byk ketawa. Tadi ramai cikgu tak datang. 2 subjek je belajar. Kimia and fizik. Alhamdulillah, fizik aku semakin baik and aku dah faham sikit now (daripada tak faham langsung right ?) I am sooo happy and I can smile now. Kimia buat experiment. Ohh my fav subject ever and fav teacher ! Cikgu aku tu comel, aku suka cara dia ajar akan buat orang gelak sebab dia jenis macam mana eh nak cakap. Macam comel lahh lol

So, sebelum fizik tak belajar langsung sebab time BI ada taklimat papermate about safety (aku tak tahu apa kena papermate dengan safety) and ada taklimat sejarah paper 3. Tema pon dah dapat for sejarah paper 3. Aishh, need to study more now ! Sedihnya jadi form 4 and form 5 ni. Banyak gila paper kena jawab TT Exam pon 2 minggu lebih. Lama siottt, kay menyampah. Back to school story, lepas BI, sejarah, cikgu tak datang and hell yeah we've partied in class joke

Lepas Kimia, Bio. Memang kiteorang tahu cikgu tak datang sebab cikgu cakap dia tak datang. Hohoh so betarians buat concert dalam kelas -___- Aku yang mengantuk terus tak jadi tidur sebab diorang. Lawak gila diorang buat macam american idol punya show and nyanyi nyanyi dekat depan. Aku memang tak sangka budak Beta macam ni. Masalah betul diorang ni xD Aku tengok je dengan anis lepas tu gelak gelak. Diorang nyanyi kuat gila pulak tu padahal kelas sebelah ada cikgu. Cikgu pon buat tak tahu je. Nasib tak kena marah -____-

And budak Alpha menyemak je nak peek in kelas kiteorang. Go dai joke (entah tapi....) kay nevermind. Agak asdfghjkl di situ. Off story- Malam ni EXO-M pergi indon right ? For special appearance at SS4. Kalau indon bash EXOTIC / EXO sumpah aku akan benci ELFs yang rude sampai mati. Serius aku cakap. Aku tak benci semua ELFs. Benci yang immatured and rude je -.- Sebab byk ELFs bash EXO, SNSD pon sama. Pe kejadahnya depa ni asyik nak kutuk orang lain. Diorang fikir Super Junior bangga lah tu ada fans macam diorang zz. Forever benci dekat anti EXO and EXOTICS ! Kay dah bye.
PS: I'm soooooooo hungrayyy. Btw, lagu DoraDora is so addictive .___. Great job u-kiss and love the dubsteps. Kevin aku forever comel ;3

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