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Day 4: Your ultimate bias from EXO ;
Friday, April 27, 2012 ,8:28 PM (+ 0)
One word: Speechless

Hi-yeom, it's already day 4. But before I proceed to the answer for this challenge, I'm warning you because this a photo spamming post :D If you dare, you can continue reading this. So I've just put the photo which is the answer to this challenge. I bet you know. My ultimate bias is Park Chan Yeol or Channie or Yeolliechan or Chanyeollie or Egg Yeol and so on... I got too many nicknames for him heheh. So, it's picture spamming time !

Sexiest man alive

Cutest rapper ever

That smirk.... it kills me x.x

Stop doing that you stupid cute alien

Fan-art of chanyeol ^^ Isn't it cute ?

I want to pinch his cheek pwease

That beautiful lips, I just want to kiss it

That fucking smirk again aishh

I want to poke that eyes, can I ? It is just so seducing

How I wish I can be that lucky marker pen :(

Oi stop winking at me >:(

So, that's it for today. Bye-yeom.

PS: Chanyeol seduced me !

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