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Dying because of EXO ;
Sunday, April 8, 2012 ,4:18 PM (+ 0)
Chanyeollie-chan ! *O* My gif, btw, I'm so in love with him !

Assalamualaikum and hi-yeom :3

Careless, careless. Shoot anonymous. Anonymous. Heartless, mindless. No one who care about me ! I guess you know what I mean by that right ? EXO-K and EXO-M had released their official M/V for MAMA. And it's like a movie ! You should watch it. Btw, the intro part is so Kungfu Panda (youtube comments) xD Though it's full of illuminati, it is still awesome as I expect. EXO hwaiting ! Good job ! ^^

My chanyeollie is shooo shooo cute. He makes me crazy. EXO's making me crazy ! They make me thought of buying their first mini album ! Yes, I'm gonna buy it. For EXO ! They are the first sment artist I'm so addicted to. One word for them, FLAWLESS. Shizzz, I am still and forever a Kiss Me okay ? I will never forget my U-Kiss, Block B and miss A. Well, U-Kiss gonna make their comeback soon so I will fall in love with them even more than now when I see my Kevin and all of them performing on stage !

Btw, I'm finished upgrading my xbox and I'm gonna spazz it a lot tonight, InsyaAllah. Can't wait to play Final Fantasy ! Well, it's my last free time before school -____- But it's holiday on Wednesday ! And I'm shooo happy and excited. Though it's only for one day. It's still a holiday. And I can spend all of my times at home :3

Ohh btw, I've made a tutorial blog so all of my upcoming tutos and freebies will be posted there. But all of my upcoming fanfic updates, surveys and challenges will still be posted here. Do visit my tutorial blog ^^
Btw, I will list all my fanfics, surveys and challenges there but all of them will be posted here. Questions ? Ask me at cbox. Good news, after this post, I'll post my fanfic. ^^ Sorry for making it slow. I'm out of idea and I forgot some of my main ideas and have to think it back.

Next topic, back to EXO. I've just realised that Kris from EXO-M have the same name as my ultimate bias, Kevin Woo and his name is Kevin Wu lolol. And both of them are my bias TT Why they must have same name ? I'm shoooo sad. Well, I can't do anything :l Off-topic. Good news for EXOTICS, EXO gonna make their next comeback on October which is my birthday month ;AAAAAAAAAAA; They're making me go insane now. I'm done now. Gonna update my fanfic. Please wait ^^

Assalamualaikum, bye-yeom :3
PS: Chanyeollie-chan's element power is neomu daebak ! ;AAAAAAAA;
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8 April 2012,4.19PM by Pikevin 

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