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Monday, April 9, 2012 ,6:02 PM (+ 0)
Kevin always makes me go crazy. I ship kivin couple a lot ! Just look at them.

Assalamualaikum, hi-yeom :3

You know what ? Semalam aku menangis. Sebab apa ? Sebab U-KISS nak datang malaysia. Finally, I can meet them and see them with my own eyes especially my pretty and lovely Kevin. And guess what ? It's free. For sure I'll go to that fan-meeting. It's not actually just fan-meeting. But they will also perform Japanese songs and after the performance there's gonna be a fan-meeting. Aku macam seriously ? It's free ? That's why aku menangis. First time meeting them and it's free. Ya Allah, siapa tak happy ? Aku rasa dah byk kali aku sebut alhamdulillah because of this because I'm shooo happy. I think I am the happiest girl in da world right now. I can't think of anything else but them. I can't believe it finally they're coming here again.

Finally, Kevin akan tahu aku wujud dalam dunia ni. How am I happy with that ? I'm speechless. Too speechless to say how excited and happy am I. Please understands me. Sorry for being all annoying. I'm always like this and I believe that all of my friends already know about this. I need your help ! Please, I need U-KISS's postcards badly. If anyone founds one, do tell me, PLEASE. I BEG YOU, PLEASE TELL ME TT TELL ME BEFORE END OF MAY.

So, the events will be held on 26th may at Kenanga City Mall,KL (google map it if you don't know where is it) at 3PM. I think I'm willing to wait from 8AM for them. I think so. I'm gonna think about it again. I want to be in front of them ! xD Tamaknya cik naa ? There are no tickets and it's free (confirmed by the official organiser) News tu keluar dekat chinese paper. Hahah, thank you jazzy group of companies. I love you so much. Jeongmal !

Malaysian Kiss Mes are waiting for you ! Can't wait to see you guys for live ! I am sure that I will be there. I'll force my dad to do so >:D joke joke. I'm going to sulk, seriously if he never let me go to the event. ;AAAAAAAAAAAAA; JEONGMAL !
PS: Can't wait to buy U-KISS upcoming album ! Now I'm gonna buy EXO-K MAMA first. And after that maybe Block B's limited edition from someone (not confirmed if it's sold out yet)
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9 April 2012,6.03PM by Pikevin 

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