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#HappyLuhanDay ;
Friday, April 20, 2012 ,7:31 PM (+ 0)
Happy Birthday Luhannie. I made this especially for you :) Stay cute Mr.Stitch !
Assalamualaikum, hi-yeom. Again aku bad mood harini pfft. Mood aku tak menentu sekarang haihh. But aku rasa geram. Aku akan bagitahu later. Aku nak cakap pasal benda lain dulu. Semalam aku on twitter sampai pukul 12 jugak lah sebab tunggu birthday budak ni ! Cehh budak ni -.- Aku tunggu birthday luhan ahh. Mesti lah kan ? Aku sebagai EXOTIC nak jugak tolong trend budak comel ni dekat TTWW :3 After some time, I saw #B.A.Pisback dekat atas sekali dekat TTWW. Ohh myy, and Happy Birthday Luhan trending on 3rd. After puas aku nak bagi trend Luhan first, berjaya jugak cewahh. Tengok lah the power of EXOTICS ! mueheheheh.

After both them, Luhan and B.A.P trend on worldwide, U-KISS pulak masuk TTWW on first place ! Wahh though I'm not a real kiss me anymore, I'm still proud of them. Ahhhh, jeongmal ! Chukkahae ! #UKISS_Amazing :) B.A.P punya teaser, Power daebak ! Tak sabar nak tgk full m/v. Lagu Amazing pon best ! Teaser DoraDora smart ! Love it. Ohh myy. Forget it, so the conclusion is, K-POP haters have no reasons to hate K-POP anymore because they can trend worldwide, hah ! See how flawless our biases are *puke* lol joke

So, this is my wish for Luhannie :)
Luhan oppa, saenggil chukkahaeyo. Nan neomu saranghaeyo. Jeongmalyo. Have a blast on your birthday. Stay healthy for EXOTICS, including me. I love you, we, EXOTICS, love you Mr.Stitch. Please stay cute forever and please cherish our maknae, Sehun forever ! You're the only one who can makes him smile, seriously. I love you so much, sincerily, Pika ^^
Ahh he's a big boy now. But please don't stop aegyo ! I love your aegyos xD I wish I can give you a present :( I wish I was there to celebrate your birthday with you TT I'm sad and bad mood now. Nevermind :( Assalamualaikum, bye-yeom.
PS: Don't try to steal Chanyeol for me you mothafuqa >:(
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20 April 2012,7.32PM by Piyeollie 

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