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Thursday, April 12, 2012 ,3:28 PM (+ 0)

Assalamualaikum and hi-yeom. This is a short post especially for EXO-K's maknae / our maknae, Sehunnie ! Saenggil chukkahaeyo oppaaaaaaa ! Nan neomu neomu mani mani saranghaeyo ! Jeongmalyo ! Please take care of your health. And take of the other members too including EXO-M's members especially your husband Luhan, nae ? :P I ship you guys so much. You're growing older now. I'm a bit sad :( Our maknae is bigger now. Well, have a blast nae ? Saranghamnida Sehun oppa Btw, watch this message from Luhan saying happy birthday to his wife :P
Me loves you, Sehun ! Luhan too xD EXOTICS love you :*
PS: I annoyed my friend at school by shouting everything about EXO especially chanyeollie and singing all EXO's songs. I also write his name on the blackboard xD 
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12 April 2012,3.28PM by Pikevin 

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