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Tuesday, April 17, 2012 ,10:22 PM (+ 0)
Good job yeollie. You got me
Assalamualaikum, hi-yeom. Before you read this, I'm warning you, this post will be kinda annoying so don't read it if you hate anything that is related to the word 'annoying'. Thanks.

So harini aku akan cakap pasal emm emm. Something that I am excited about. Esok ada pameran coklat. Cikgu dah announce pasal pameran ni dekat perhimpunan pagi hari isnin. And kau tahu aku buat apa time cikgu announce tu ? Automatic, aku menjerit mcm org gila sebab excited. Y'know aku kan gila coklat. Well everyone is, right ? or maybe not. And luckily takde siapa tegur. Aku sorang je menjerit sambil angkat tangan and I'm sure everyone was like 'wth is wrong with her ?' -___-

Then, aku tanya ayah aku, 'Abah, esok nak bawak berapa ?'. Then my father was like, 'for what ?', aku tahu dia lupa so aku cakap lah pasal pameran coklat tu and then he remembers about it again. Dia cakap bawak 5 ringgit je. And my jaws almost dropped. And then aku cakap 'ohh my ohh my no way ! Gimme more !'. Lol such a useless daughter. So lets just wait for tmr and buy all the chocolates yum yum.

Okay that's the first one. Another thing, yang buat aku excited, tomorrow ada inkigayo and there's gonna be EXO's debut stage ! (though I've watched it online) I'm shooo excited to see my yeol again, on stage. ;AAAAAAA; Habis lah esok aku akan turn into a creepy fan-girl again. Haihh. Not just creepy. Well, there's actually many types of fan-girl. You can read it here,
Okay. 3rd one, I'm excited about the fan-meeting. Ohh my, serius tak sabar. Aiguuu. I'm half crazy now. No no, I'm fully crazy. Hahah XD Jebal dowajo :/ See you till tomorrow, assalamualaikum and bye-yeom.
PS: Lets roll like a buffalo
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17 April 2012,10.23PM by Piyeollie 

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