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Day 11: "What Is Love" or "History" ? / My EXO-K MAMA Album ;
Friday, May 4, 2012 ,8:01 PM (+ 10)
Chanyeol got a special gift for me. U mad ? Stay mad.

Hi-yeom. I'm back for day 11. trolololol. I'm sleepy and tired. I got tuition after school every friday. Hah so I bath and prepare very quickly. So whatever kay. Lets just get to the challenge. So, this is hard. I can't really pick between what is love and history uhmm. So, my answer is, What is Love AND History heheh. You don't agree with me ? Then GTFO, joke. I just love all of their songs so much, seriously.

My EXO-K MAMA album :

So harini aku dapat album aku ! Heheh, aku excited gilooo lah kan. So, when ayah aku bawak package tu, aku dah macam act cool depan ayah aku but dalam hati, Allah je tahu xD Dugeun dugeun... Heheh, and so... Aku kena ambil album tu dekat pejabat pos sebab ada problem. But my album takde problem cuma bungkusan problem so orang tu ingat blah blah blah. Sebab tu dia tak hantar terus ke rumah -.- So, right. Korang tengok lah gambar sendiri, aku malas nak cito :P

This is the poster, I already stick it to my wall beside my bed so that I can kiss them everyday

Front view of the album :3

Back front of the album :3

Packaging of the album ^^

After unwrapped it, this is how it looks and the wrapper is a shape of a hexagon (EXO symbol)

The photobook and there goes my chanyeol *kisses him*

This is the CD package ;3

Back view of the CD packaging

Tadah ! This is it, my lovely photocard ^^

And this is the back of the photocard with all of the members signatures ! *O*

And last but not least, the album wrapper, the hexagon shape one that I just mention

So, that's it. U jelly ? Stay jelly kay. lol joke. Aku nak order album EXO-M MAMA pulak hoyeahhhhh ! Can't wait ! Minggu depan order wooooo. So, bye-yeom. I need to study more now. pffft-
PS: I'm gonna change my SNSD's bag pack to EXO's bag pack as soon as it is available to buy keke

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