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Day 12: A Song from A Teaser That You Love / Day 13: Your Favorite Picture of Your Bias in EXO-K ;
Sunday, May 6, 2012 ,12:42 PM (+ 0)
Lol kai you're hiding luhannie's face xD

Hi-yeom. Sorry. I've missed day 12 yesterday because I'm a little busy. Hmm so I'm gonna post day 12 and day 13 in one post. Mianhae ~ Jeongmal mianhaeseo TT

Day 12: A Song from A Teaser That You Love :

Ahh this is hard ~ I just can't pick. I just love all of them equally. I hate sment for not putting those awesome songs in their album ! Waeeeee ?! TT I'm looking forward for all of those songs to be in their next upcoming album. Arasseo soo man-ssi ? XD Don't disappoint me again ! So okay, I'll give you the list of all their teaser songs including the song that are put in their album.

- EXO Teaser 1_KAI (1) - My Lady
- EXO Teaser 2_KAI & LU HAN - Time Control
- EXO Teaser 3_TAO (1) - Metal
- EXO Teaser 4_KAI (2)_One Take ver. - My Lady
- EXO Teaser 5_KAI (3) - Machine
- EXO Teaser 6_KAI (4) - Lightsaber
- EXO Teaser 7_SE HUN & KAI - Run & Gun
- EXO Teaser 8_SE HUN - Black Pearl
- EXO Teaser 9_SE HUN & LU HAN - Angel (Into Your World)
- EXO Teaser 10_LAY - Phoenix
- EXO Teaser 11_XIU MIN & KAI - Let Out The Beast
- EXO Teaser 12_KAI & LAY - Two Moons
- EXO Teaser 13_SE HUN (2) - What Is Love
- EXO Teaser 14_KAI (5) - What Is Love
- EXO Teaser 15_TAO (2) - Metal
- EXO Teaser 16_D.O. & SU HO - Reflection I
- EXO Teaser 17_KRIS - Angel (Into Your World)
- EXO Teaser 18_KAI (6) - Emergency
- EXO Teaser 19_LAY & CHEN & BAEK HYUN - Beautiful
- EXO Teaser 20_CHAN YEOL - El Dorado
- EXO Teaser 21_KAI (7) - Baby Don't Cry
- EXO Teaser 22_LAY & SE HUN - Angel (Into Your World)
- EXO Teaser 23_KAI (8) - Angel (Into Your World)

Hah so that's it. All of the songs are awesome right ? I know. xD But all of these songs only got short ver. -____- This is so lame. I want the full version ! Hopefully sment will reveal the full version of all of these songs !

Day 13: Your Favorite Picture of Your Bias in EXO-K :

So... my favorite picture of my bias in EXO-K ? Uhm.. I'll state my bias in EXO-K first though some of you already know who it is. So, he's name is Park Chan Yeol and I call him as Yeol. He's mine now so don't you ever steal him from me. And I am serious with my words. Okay ? So for the picture uhm.. Just can't pick. So I'll post random GIF of him with his members.

Chanyeol is the tallest one ^^ The one standung next to him is Kai and the one sitting is D.O

Done for challenge ^^

Happy Birthday Baekhyuna :

Saenggil chukkahamnida ! Saenggil chukkahamnida ! Saranghaneun Baekhyun-ssi ! Saenggil chukkahamnida ! Heheh so it's Baekhyun's birthday. Excited ? Same here though I'm not a big fans of him but he's still my bias since he's also a member in EXO ^^ So, right... It's 6th may and it's baekhyun birthday. Happy Birthday Byun Baekhyun ! You're awesome and please stay awesome, stay cute, stay healthy and please take care of yourself for us, your fans, EXOTICS :) We love you so much ! But I love you more ! Hahah joke joke. He's a big boy now :') Take care of your melodious voice because your voice is my remedy. Seriously ^^ Btw, I've made a birthday project for him.

Don't remove watermark or I swear I'll kill you <3 Sorry it's kinda uglehh and messy ._.

I'm so proud of uri Baekhyun. He's been trending 2nd on TTWW starting 11PM last night. Seriously. And he's been the 1st trending on Malaysia trends last night both of them with the hashtag #HappyBaekhyunDay and on 4th (i guess, can't remember) he's been trending as Happy Birthday Baekhyun on Malaysia trends. Good job EXOTICS and mostly Shiners ! Can't believe there are so many fans of Baekhyun in Malaysia xD And almost all of my friends adore him seriously. Hahah yeah I know he's undenyable. Kay whatever. I got something to say for him. Please stay away from my Yeol, dear Baekhyun :( Or I'll hate you joke joke hahah xD bye-yeom
PS: Happy Birthday Baekhyun ! #HappyBaekhyunDay btw, I've changed my twitter username to @opparchanyeol since last week I guess ._. Kay nvm. Lots of love for Baekhyuna !

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