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Day 14: Your Favorite Pictures of Su Ho, Xiu Min, & Chen ;
Monday, May 7, 2012 ,9:58 PM (+ 0)
Pity my yixing but he is still cute omg omg

Hi-yeom. Aku nak update dalam malay lah sebab aku takde mood nak perah otak tulis dalam english woahahahah. Takde mood bukan maksudnya aku bad mood or something. Aku just nak buat harini jadi study and stress-free day. Boleh dok ? *suka hati aku je*

So aku malas nak tulis panjang panjang, aku pon tengah kejar masa ni sebab curik online and family aku akan balik pukul 10.30P.M ;AAAAA; *lari pusing pusing sambil angkat tangan* So first, favorite pictures of Suho ? So boleh letak banyak lah ni ? Okay...

Suho's :

Oi suho yang tengah-tengah tu okay ? Jangan mistaken

Uri guardian, Suho-ssi....

I don't know why but I love this picture so much because his face looks so 'suci' .___.

Xiumin's :

I love this fan-edited picture so much !

Our cutie pie, I love him so much TT

Lemme just pinch that chubby cheeks !

Chen's :

Tao's on the left while Chen's on the right.

This is the most beautiful pic of him ever ! Tho, it's an old pic.

I wish he can sing to me every night before I get to sleep and his smile is just beautiful in it's way

So, done... Each members 3 pictures. Sorry I don't have much time to put more pictures. Mianhae ! Bye-yeom :3
PS: Aku benci starcall *puke*

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