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Day 21: A Cute GIF of One of Your Biases ;
Monday, May 14, 2012 ,10:16 PM (+ 0)
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Hi-yeom. Wassup guys ? Aishh I'm in stress mode. Why ? The papers that I'm gonna sit for is really hard this week and same goes to next week TT Tomorrow, I got additional mathematics. I've studied this for 2 hours and gonna continue studying after this. Pray for my exam okay ? Good luck to you guys who are in your exam week too ^^ Fighting for all of us ! Okay, so I'm just here to complete this challenge. My bias is Park Chan Yeol as you already know and as I said earlier. So here's a cute gif of him :3

OMG this is my own made GIF. I've made this GIF because he's shooo cute. Btw, he's mimicking to SHINee's Sherlock song xD Sorry for the bad quality :L

So that's it. Done ! I wish I could post more GIFs but I don't have much time and this challenge just asked for one. heheh so bye-yeom
PS: Please like and share the EXO picture ! Thanks a lot ^^ Wish me luck ! Btw, in BI paper today, I wrote about a fanfic of Kai lmao

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