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Day 22: Your Third Favorite Teaser & My EXO-M MAMA Album ;
Tuesday, May 15, 2012 ,4:09 PM (+ 12)
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Hi-yeom. I'm so happy today though I'm fkin stress because of add maths ! Whatever. I don't want to think about it anymore. Okay so, lets do this challenge ! ^^ My third favorite teaser is EXO Teaser 11_XIU MIN & KAI . Why ? Idk but it's kinda derp and awesome lmao. Don't ask why :))) So here's a GIF from the m/v :D

It's Xiumin the cutie pie ! :* I love him so much omg omg. Credit GIF : x

So done ! Heheh. Actually I love all of their teasers lmao.

My EXO-M MAMA Album :

Hohoh aku dah receive album EXO-M MAMA aku harini ^^ Mak aku tolong sign lmao since aku dekat sekolah -.- Okay so like always, I'll post some pictures of it . Please note that all of the pictures were captured by myself and AKU HARAMKAN AMBIL SEMUA GAMBAR DALAM BLOG NI YANG MERUPAKAN HAK MILIK AKU . Alright. I'm lucky again for this album, wanna know why ? Scroll down for pictures :3

Le poster babehhh, dah tampal dah. Ada jelly ? :P

Front view of the album packaging

Back view of the album packaging. Huyooo wane wani xD

Le album wrapper ~ Front

Le album wrapper ~ Back

After unflip the wrapper (the picture 4th and 5th picture)

CD case ^^ Soooo SHINeeeeee ~

The CD omomo light power ! (baekhyuna)

Da awesome photobook. Kris-eu kris-eu ! *fan-girling*

My hand is so fat lmao ignore that and look at the hexagon shaped packaging. Awesome aite ?

And finally the photocard front view ! I am so lucky right to get this photocard ? Ik !! XD

Le back view of ze photocard. All of the beautiful signatures are mine now. Can't believe it I got these one .___.

So that's it. Click the pictures to see it clearer and bigger lmao too big xD Okay lah I need to study agama duhh before kaki aku berketar nak jawab esok lmao. Okay bye-yeom !
PS: ROLL LIKE A BUFFALO ROLL LIKE A BUFFALO ~ When I said I hate people who have the same biases with me, I really meant it.

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