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Day 25: Your Favorite Picture of Kris ;
Tuesday, May 22, 2012 ,3:05 PM (+ 0)
Kindly click this photo and click the like and share button. Vote for me if you don't mind and thank you so much. Wish me all luck ! ^^

Ayoooo please like and share the photo please. I appreciate your effort a lot by clicking the like and share button ^^ May God blesses you. So I'm back for day 25. Yeahhh I still have the time to update this since I'm getting near to my holiday and freedom. 2 more days, 3 more papers. Wish me all the best and luck ! (including for that contest) So, today I'm gonna post about this challenge and about our guardian suho's birthday ! So first, lets start with the challenge. So my favorite picture of uri cowboy duizhang is...


Idk why but I love his nose and eyes so much, omooo so sexyyyy ! Okay off topic-

Uri Guardian Suho Birthday :


Saenggil chukkahamnida Suho / Kim Joon Myun oppar. If you don't know about this, Suho oppar used to be my first bias in EXO but not anymore when I realised that I love Chanyeol more than other EXO members. #JustSaying so, oppa-yah, please stay healthy, hot, fair, white, handsome, awesome forever ! Take care of yourself and don't ever get sick because you're the leader and you got a lot of things to do to help the other members. Please stay like you are now. You're the bestest leader ever aside from Kris ! I swear ! They did the right thing by positioning you as the leader. We don't regret it at all because you really are a good and kind-hearted leader ! Mianhae oppa I can't celebrate your birthday a lot because I got exams to pass TT Jeongmal mianhaeyo. But I promise that I will make a poster cover for you since it's your birthday ! I'll make it on Thursday / Friday and post it to the public ! I'll make it especially for you. The nickname guardian suits you a lot. I bet a lot of people will agree with my statement too. Heheh, so saenggil chukkahae !!! Ppyong ~ :* Bye-yeom ^^ Btw, Happy #GuardianSuhoDay
PS: Opparrrr ! Yad loves you a lot ! Please meet him someday ! lol xD

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