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Day 26: Top 3 Pics of Baekhyun & Cover Poster for Suho ;
Thursday, May 24, 2012 ,4:32 PM (+ 10)

Hi-yeom. I'm back from exam. Yeah my exam has ended. Weee I'm sooooo happy ! Btw to mia (a person at my cbox) here's the tuto for older and newer post button [CLICK] Enjoy ;D Okay lets start the challenge. Uuuu 4 more days and I'm done ! tsk tsk. This is kinda sad. I don't wanna leave EXO's challenge ! :((( Kay ignore me.

Top 3 Pics of Baekhyun :

Ayooo wae so serious, Baekhyuna ?

Oshit shit shit this is my fav !!!!

Ohh this poster is beautiful ! Credits to whoever did this ^^

Ayooo Shiners ! Fainted already ? :P Hahah yeah uri baekhyuna is hot. No wonder he has so many fans ! xD

Cover Poster for Suho :

Ayooo aku dah buat cover poster / birthday project for Suho . Aku buat simple gila sebab takde idea .___. Mianeiyo heheh so here it is.

Credit texture : x . Gomawo ^^ Btw told ya simple. hahah -___-

So that's it for today. Aku malas nak tulis post pepanjang. Lagipon harini aku tusyen so mood malas tu bertambah tho takde kena mengena dgn blogging right ? Okay aku tahu korang tak faham apa yg aku merepek meraban ni kbye-yeom.
PS: Ohh tak sabar nak cuti and hang out dengan anis and syaff ! Omomo :3

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