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Day 27: Your Favorite Picture of Tao & Adlin Saeng's Birthday ;
Saturday, May 26, 2012 ,8:34 PM (+ 2)
Kindly help me like and share this photo please ? Wish me all the best and luck for this contest. Gomawo ^^

Hi-yeom I'm back with new looks. Simple one. Gahhh :B I'm gonna post a new skin soon. err but I will never tell you when because I can't promise right now. I got fanfics to do and stuffs erhhh. A bit stressed hahah . But it's my hobby so, I'm still willing to do it :) Fyi, I'm gonna make a new one-shot. Nami requested this one-shot. So I'll be posting within this week (MAYBE) because I'm still searching for some good ideas to put in. Uhm wait for the introduction okay ? Jebal saranghaejuseyo ^^ Gamsahabnida *bows 90 degree*

My Favorite Picture of Tao :

Can't pick one because he's too cute with that fkin bbuing bbuing D: Well whatever. Here are one of my favorite picture of him.

Pre-debut picture of Tao. Waa he's so cute ! He used to be my bias in EXO-M but not anymore :)

Adlin Saeng's Birthday :

Hahah guess what ? Today is my saeng's birthday. Saenggil chukkahamnida, Saenggil chukkahamnida, Saranghaneun Adlin-ssi, Saenggil chukkahamnida ! *claps claps claps* Who is she ? This is her ! [CLICK] :D So to adlin saeng, saenggil chukkahamnida. I wish I can give something special as your present but I can't TT Mianei, if only I know you for real I would have make something special for you. I swear D: Btw, have a blast on your birthday ! Sorry for the late post though your birthday was on yesterday keke. Stay healthy and stay cute ! Bbuing bbuing ~ Take care of uri baekhyuna nae ? He loves you keke xD Saranghae adlin-ah ! Eonnie loves you, chu ~ ^^

I've made this for her. Hahah I know it's super duper ugly but whatever. Btw there's baekki there ~ keke

So, again, neomu neomu saranghae saeng . ppyong ^^ Bye-yeom.

PS: I'm regretting of not going to U-KISS's performance at HBN yesterday, pffft -.-

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