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Day 29: Your Favorite Picture of Your Bias in EXO-M ;
Tuesday, May 29, 2012 ,12:25 PM (+ 0)

Hi-yeom. I'm gonna do this challenge fast because I want to update my fanfic after this and give some editing to my fanfic blog. Uhm so lets start .__.

My Favorite Picture of my Bias in EXO-M :

So, first I'll state my bias in EXO-M. My bias in EXO-M is currently Lu Han. But I think it will forever stay the same. Why ? Because he's super duper cute. You know I love cute boys rather than hot / handsome boys right ? HAHAH. So here's a pic, my favorite pic, of him :D

Fuuuuu why is he so cute in this picture ? I love this picture so much !!!

Hahah I had some trouble picking one though but I remember about this photo which I love so much xD So bye-yeom, I'm gonna update Melody of Love now ;3
PS: f(x) please make your comeback soon, I mish youuu :(

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