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Day 8: Your Bias from EXO-K ;
Tuesday, May 1, 2012 ,3:17 PM (+ 0)

Hi-yeom, ohh so, it's already day 8 huh ? xD I can't believe it's that fast .__. Nvm, btw, starting next week, I will rarely update my blog so, same goes to this challenge. I got mid-year exam, so I'll be back on 24th May. I'm gonna rarely update my blog starting 9th May next week. Pray for my exam okay ? ^^ Pika hwaiting ! Okay so, my bias in EXO-K, hmmph. Well, you know who, I guess everyone knows about the story of a girl named Pika who is madly in love or can I say, married to Park Chan Yeol ? Hahah joke joke. Just in love. But someday I wish he will propose me omg omg :O I believe in dream comes true hahah xD Kay whatever, so my bias from EXO-K is Chanyeol or I call him as Egg Yeol, Chanyeollie, Yeollie-chan, Channie, Pervert and many more. Hahah again, I was just joking about that pervert thingy but he is still a pervert for me XDDDD So, who's the boy I am madly in love with ? This is the guy I was talking about, Tadaaaah !

See that ? That's why I love him so much :O

Tadahhh, it's the hot side of him ! Love his hairrrrr

The poison smile that kills me.

Aww, why you can be so lovely ? TuT

That beautiful pair of eyes....

I want to punch you for being cute

#2 Hot side of him

What are you doing, Yeol ? lol

This is why I call him pervert lol

Aigooo, you pabo

So, enough pic spamming. Now you're familiar with my bias right ? But don't steal him because I swear I will kill you. Bye-yeom

PS: Thanks and I love you for making me smile back again :')

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