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Day 9: A Picture of Kai Smiling ;
Wednesday, May 2, 2012 ,10:33 PM (+ 0)
Can I have these ? :(

Hi-yeom. Aww I'm back after studying some topics for history subject. Uhm, to all the Teleporters out there, you must be excited for this right ? Because you'll get to see a picture of smiling kai xD Ikr, he's super cute with all of his aegyos. Gahh, I just love all of them equally but more for chanyeol of course :P Right... So I don't have much time, shall we ? But sorry, I'm not good at choosing good pictures ><

So I think this is cute. Just can't pick the cutest because all of them are cute xD

So, I got some extras for you. Here's a video of Kai at a fan-meeting. Isn't he cute ? TuT I'm starting to drool over him (but not as much as I drool for yeol) after I watched this video. Enjoy ^^ bye-yeom

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