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Monday, May 21, 2012 ,3:07 PM (+ 0)
OT12 FTW ! OMG Lay, I want to rip off your shirt.

Hi-yeom. So I'm back with tagging game. Hahah I've been tagged by my friend again after some long time, yeahhhh. Tagged by Yad. Gomawo *bows* So like what I've usually been doing, I'm not gonna post the rules instead, I'm only gonna answer the questions that he made. Here are those Q's.

What is your reverse age ?
- Err wtf xD Sixteen so it'll be 61 lmao, no no I am forever young !

Your ideal type ?
- Le cute childish boy who's gonna be childish with me. He must be cute ! Okay joke about the he must be cute thingy. Actually, my ideal type is Chanyeol so you can seek the features that he got by yourself LOL

What is the same characteristic that you have with your bias ?
- He's err a happy virus ! And I am too, told by my teacher lmao and I was like seriously ?

Your first favorite group idol ?
- B2ST, I got all of their songs in my phone until now heheh including covers and OSTs.

Your first date ?
- Stop asking me such Q's, LOL ! I'm gonna kill you, Yad >:D

Are you a kpoper ? If yes, tell me why or are you a kpop hater ? Tell me why too.
- Once a kpoper, always a kpoper. Because kpop is undeniable and flawless.

Nicknames that you gave for your bias ?
- Chanyeollie, Channie, Yeolooo, Chanyeolooo, Yeol, Yeollie, Eggyeol, Pervert, Chanchan, Ya yeollie-ah *wink wink* ahh opparrr

Who is your bias ? Why do you choose him/her ?
- Chanyeol. Because he's the cutest person I've ever seen, he's tall, my ideal guy. And the main attraction is his smirk. I love him because he looks like a pervert okay joke

Who is your favorite Diva / Guy ?
- Ayoooo whaddup Chanyeol *forever in yeolo's world tho I don't understand this Q's*

The sexiest female and male group ?
- For male, obv it's EXO and you can see it when every EXOTICS are making pervert pictures of them kay joke. Female ? I choose err err miss A ? They always do a sexy concept including their latest comeback Touch. You touch my heart babehh ! Touch touch ! *Suji-ahhhh*

What do you think will happen to our kpop group in 2020 ?
- Respected sunbae and leader of kpop. And that time I'm having 10 cute-looking children with Chanyeol. PUAHAHAHAH

Ayooo, done ! So bye-yeom heheh and enjoy my stupid answers.
PS: YEOLOLOLOLO 3 more days !

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