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Wednesday, May 30, 2012 ,4:53 PM (+ 8)
;AAA; fany and hyo eonnie ! Wae so yeppeuda ? TT

Hi-yeom. Today I've been tagged by Nami-ssi for this tagged game. And this game was created by herself. Thanks nami-ah :* Heheh so right, I will answer the questions and this time, I'll tag some of my friends to play this game :)

Questions :

The first kpop group you know and you like
- The first group that I've known is SS501 / Super Junior I guess. Can't remember .__. But the first group that I liked is B2ST.

The first kpop song you heard
- Uhm can't remember. I guess err Bonamana ? .___. or Sorry Sorry.

What the ultimate fandom you're into. Max 2
- EXOTICS and Kiss Me.

Your first bias and he/she is no longer yours
- Yoseob from B2ST

Your ultimate bias? Just pick ONE
- Wae one ? :( I want two ! LOL okok my ultimate bias is Chanyeol ;3

Do you like Kdrama or Variety show? If you do, list it
- Yeah sure. Kdrama ? Idk which to pick .___. But I love Boys Over Flowers , Dream High 1 not 2 and 49 days.

Do you ever buy or go to their concert or fanmeeting? if you ever, upload da pictures :)
- For concerts and fanmeetings, no. But I do have some kpop stuffs but not that much. Here are my kpop stuffs.

This is my SNSD's poster (unofficial)

EXO-M's poster ^^ (official) LUHONEYYYYY ;B

EXO-K's poster (official) Btw, CHANNIEEEEEEE <3

TaeTiSeo poster (official) Ahh taeyeon eonnie neomu yeppeo !

#1 Some magazines which are related to kpop ^^

#2 Some magazines which are related to kpop ^^

Back to posters. Troublemaker poster (unofficial)

Super Junior's poster (unofficial)

Girls' Generation's poster again ! xD (unofficial)

T-ara's poster (unofficial)

JYJ's poster. AHHHH JUNSU !!!! (unofficial)

B1A4's poster (unofficial)

Super Junior's mini poster (unofficial)

EPOP's kpop and jpop calendar 2012

My TaeTiSeo Twinkle album (official) Kyaaaaa tae eonnie !

My EXO-K MAMA album (official)

My EXO-M MAMA album (official)

My JS & HyunA TroubleMaker album (offiicial) The photobook is inside .___.

My U-KISS Bran New Kiss album (official)

T-ara's Temptastic album (unofficial: Malaysia's copy)

KARA's Girls Talk album (unofficial: Malaysia's copy)

miss A's Bad But Good + Step Up album (unofficial: Malaysia's copy)

Big Bang's Big Show album (unofficial: Malaysia's copy)

U-KISS's Break Time album (unofficial: Malaysia's copy)

Official photocards and photobooks (my troublemaker book is in the album lol I forgot to bring it out)

Unofficial kpop stuffs of mine: SNSD's bagpack, U-KISS's and Block B's badge, U-KISS's phone strap, 2PM's pencil case and U-KISS's headphone

Teen Top's poster. Idk why I pasted this poster on my wall .___.

Currently you listening to what kpop song?
- EXO, SNSD, U-KISS, f(x), SHINee and all sment artists. Others like SPICA, miss A, T-ara, A Pink, Sunny Hill and Girl's Day.

Girls group do you hate the most
- Hello Venus just fkin goodbye penus -Raven saeng- xD I hate all new girl groups especially when people are comparing a new girl group with a senior girl group.

Girls group you like the most
- SNSD the most ! Others : f(x), SPICA, miss A, T-ara, A Pink, Girl's Day and Sunny Hill

Your boyfriend name (I mean you assume your bias as your boyfriend)
- Park Chan Yeol *O*

Currently dating with
- Chanyeoloooooooooooooo !

The kpop song you hate
- None. I love all kpop songs.

Do you ever think that you want to marry your bias?
- Every second I will think about this.

Why you love kpop?
- Because kpop has its own originality.

Do you have a friend or someone you know that hate kpop?
- Err friend ? No. Someone ? No ??? :))) Because I've killed them with my words.

Does your boyfriend / girlfriend get jealous with your bias?
- I don't have a boyfriend.

The kpop song you often play?
- Idk lol. EXO, U-KISS songs.

Your bias list? Max 5
- Chanyeol, Luhan, Kevin, Taeyeon and Krystal.

Since when you fall in love with your ultimate bias?
- Since histoweeeee.

Why you love him/her
- Because he's my ideal type of guy. Yeah...

Does he has a scandal or ideal type girl?
- Yeah... TuT His ideal type of girl is Dara and CL from 2NE1 :(((

Your favorite dance from kpop group?
- MAMA, History. The dances are just awesome !

Your bias sexy/ hot picture *LOL
- Ohh yeahhh ? But don't fall in love with him LOL

Can't pick !!! All of the pictures are hot !

Which kpop blog do you like to view the most? Blogger instead Tumblr
FatinYadHajarErinFarah but mostly Fatin's because dia punya blog ni daebak xD

Write a words for you favorite group or idol
- Ahhh to EXO oppas, please don't work too hard. I'm always worried of you guys. Please don't forget to eat well and take care of yourself. I love you so much and please know that I am exist in this world :')

Write a words for your bias
- Chanyeol oppar, I know you're famous but I still love you no matter what. I wish you were just a normal person and also my friend. I really don't like to share you with anyone >< I love you so much, oppar tsk tsk :')

So I'm done. I tag these people : FatinYad, SyasyaZariethAdlin.
Bye-yeom x
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