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f(x) is Back (Part 2) ;
Friday, June 8, 2012 ,3:28 PM (+ 0)
Front cover of Electric Shock album

Hi-yeom. I'm back to give you some update about f(x) teaser photos for their upcoming mini album entitled "Electric Shock". Today I've opened f(x) official website and there are 2 new teaser photos had been released. So here are the photos but first I'm gonna post the back cover of the album.

Back cover of the album. Looks epic and weird right ?

Okay so here it is. The first picture is Luna and 2nd picture is Amber :) Kyaaaa Luna eonnie !

So, are you excited ? Yeah me too :D I will update the video teaser / medley of the album later ^^ bye-yeom
PS: I am so confused of which album to buy. Electric Shock by f(x) or The Special to Kiss Me by U-KISS :( Btw check out U-KISS's new m/v [CLICK]

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