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Stress .
Thursday, August 30, 2012 ,3:34 PM (+ 0)

Hey I'm back. If you guys didn't know yet, I've migrate to a new blog before but I'm back now. Miss me ? *vomit* was just joking. tho i'm back now i might rarely update anything here because of my super duper stupid results for test 2 (must study)

Can someone kill me please ? well nevermind, luhan already did kill me (and chen and tao and kris and lay and xiumin holy shit) exo m did. erghhh why must they wore that fkin eyeliner which made them looked super hot ? that is shit. i hate guys wearing eyeliners because they had never failed to seduce me so well.

So I really hope that chanyeol will never wears eyeliner or I am going to kill myself loljk. you know i was lying that i don't want to see him wearing any eyeliners. erghh nae pabo. i can't never lie to anyone. still can't accept the fact.

ohh btw, for my fanfic readers, geokjeong hajimaseyo. i will still gives you updates on it tho i'm on my hiatus i will open my fanfic blog every weekend (if there's no obstacles to) and give you updates ! i will also try my best to provide you with new posters for each of my one-shot updates. so please still give me lots of love and supports ! ppyong *hugs and kisses all of you* /vomitting/

Oh and about the title, I am really stressed right now. I hope that 'he' will read this post. First of all, thanks to 'him' for making me fetched my cold now, i sneezes every 5 minutes. well you know what i meant by that. it's been a long time since i cried over someone. this is why i hate being in love. oh yes i miss writing posts like this.

Tbh, why are you so stupid ? You don't even know that I am jealous ? That is stupid because i think it is too obvious now. Ohmygod and when I told him that I'm having a bad fever now, he does not even care about me. Ohh my i'm tired now, just please kill me.

No i wasn't joking. i really am having a bad fever right at this moment when you're reading this post. i feel itchy all over my body, feeling like vomitting, does not want to eat, having a bad cold and coughing a lot. and i think i'm going to lose my voice within this weekend because of my sore throat *flip tables*

I am stress about everything. about my whole life. i will be having my end year examination on around 6th october this year and can you just feel how stress i am ? i even failed 2 subjects recently for my test 2 which is for the subject that i hate the most, chemistry and for the subject that i love the most, additional mathematics.

i feel like just now, i had an increase of marks for my add maths paper but then it dropped so sudden which makes me want to cry, oh Allah help me. all of these are making me sick. sick of my life. whatever, i am not that fragile tho so, fighting ! pray for me T_______T off topic now.

on tuesday, i had received my prize for a contest that i've took part in. so here's the prize, a signed photo of chanyeol and tadahhhh, look at the free gift that i got, chanyeol's photocard omg. kill me please because he is just so so cute. neomu bogoshipta yeol

be jelly. bye
PS: Just tell me that you don't have the same feeling anymore

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