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#24thHyoppyBirthday and #HappyChenDay
Saturday, September 22, 2012 ,12:39 PM (+ 0)

assalamualaikum and peace be upon you. as you know yesterday was chen's birthday. aww i know this is a bit late but well i still want to make a special post for him. to my jongdae oppar, saenggil chukkahamnida, did you have a blast on your birthday ? i bet you did. i'm so happy for you. please eat lots of healthy foods and have a lot of rest. please don't work too hard until it can harms yourself. take care of yourself as well as the other members. you've been a great oppa these days :')

smile as always, be happy everyday, and stay handsome and hot forever ! ppyong chen xx #HappyChenDay ;D

and as for kim hyoyeon eonnie, uri dancing machine queen, saenggil chukkahamnida. today is your birthday and i hope you'll have lots of fun with the other members in Indonesia since you're in Indonesia now for SMTOWN INA. i'm pretty sure they'll celebrate a special birthday for you at the concert :D have a blast then ! stay cool and happy as always. bring sones laughter forever and stay cute forever . you are always cute and cool eonnie in my heart.

your dance makes me groove, thanks hyo eonnie. eat lots of healthy food and have lots of rest ! don't work too hurt until you get sick or else we're going to be sad :( so please take care of yourself very well and also take care of the other members ! we love you hyo, uri dancing machine queen, happy #24thHyoppyBirthday <3

Btw pictures are not mine, found on weheartit and credits to the rightful owner :)

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