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Wednesday, September 19, 2012 ,1:50 PM (+ 0)

assalamualaikum and peace be upon you. as you guys already know, exo-m had won their 1st rookie award :') 17 september 2012 will the most memorable day ever for exo and us, their fans. oh they also thanked their other half, exo-k awww i'm so proud of mah boys. kris had even called all of exo's fans as their angels and thanked us for our supports and loves. my tears flow like a river at that time. i can't stop crying. and seeing my babies cry, i can't stop to join them in.

our duizhang also cried a lot, he cried the most maybe because he is the duizhang and he knew that he got a big responsibility for all of the members. he did take good care of them and maybe because of that he somehow feel proud of himself and the exo-m members as well as their other half, exo-k. exo-m had even bowed for 7 seconds to thank everyone they need to thank. i felt touched by that.

" if exo-k win a rookie award, we will sure go to the show too to support you guys " kris said. i was like aww the bonds between them are really strong and unbreakable . i knew i picked the right bias . proud of them, also proud of myself for being one of their fans. i'm pretty sure too they'll win more awards for their talents. and oh btw, both exo-k and exo-m had also won the best outfit award. wow they really looked great at the show jinjjayo. they deserved the award ^^ chukkahaeyo for both of my babies. i will always support you guys and love you guys as much as i love you guys now.

as you already know as well, tvxq will make their korean comeback on the 24th. omg i am so excited for it. the teaser images are kewl too. i'm supporting them too since they are also one of my ultimate bias. u-know and max ; yunho and changmin fighting , hwaiting ! i'm going to buy their upcoming album which entitled "Catch Me" and also UKISS's upcoming album entitled "Stop Girl", can't wait for it . going to pre-release order both of the albums ^^ currently waiting for someone to update the price of the album and make it available for pre-release order :D

at 11PM MST tonight, the m/v for "Stop Girl" will be released and as a Kiss Me, i am looking forward to it. my kevinniehhhh how i miss you so much kyaaaa. when i heard the song preview from the teaser, it sounds great and that's why i'm looking forward to the full release of the song so much. and also the album. wooooo but i miss aj oh well study smart aj oppa. hwaiting ! and please comeback soon, we miss you already.

so these items had arrived to my house today, my exo-k's pencil case, my chanyeol's symbol necklace and exo's t-shirt which is not mine but it's my friend's.

tadahhhh lol bye btw i love the necklace bye D:
PS: tonight ; to the beautiful you lovelove

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