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Random + Fanfic Update.
Saturday, September 15, 2012 ,1:45 PM (+ 0)

assalamualaikum and peace be upon you. Omg my SunSica feels ~~ oh btw i've updated chapter 5 for my drama and you can read it here : click

btw, today I want to talk about snsd's Oh! pv. Damn it's just too cute for me to handle. eotteohke ? someone kill me please. all of my girls, ;aaaaaa; they are fking pretty and cute in the pv kay. i liked the concept of the korean ver. so i was looking forward to the japanese ver. and wow i love the japanese ver. too damn. 

i got that feeling which says that the photobook of the album will be really awesome as the korean ver. yeah jinjjayo. but well i just don't have enough money to buy it. i do have money but i don't want to buy japanese albums because it doesn't worth it you see, there are only like not more than 5 songs in japanese albums. and the albums are ugly too lol sorry xD

idk why but i love jessica the most in the pv bc damn... she's cute. too cute. she looks......... different. yeah. oh and have you heard the news of their comeback ? not just snsd's comeback but also dbsk and exo's comeback. they said that it is confirmed that dbsk, snsd and exo will make their comeback before the end of 2012. omg that's why i'm keeping the money to buy all of these albums ;_____;

i'm so excited for it. it'll be around october. and if snsd and exo are making their comeback on october too, then it'll be the best birthday presents ever for me jeongmal ;aaaaaa; i'm really curious for what will be their concept this time around oh and i'm so happy that exo will make their comeback with a full-length album this time *dead*

y'know... i'm hoping for a cute concept for my exo boys and snsd babies. idk why but well you know i love cute boys rather than manly boys and i love cute girls rather than sexy girls xD but i love 6 pack lmao, idk wtf i'm talking about kay.

omg please don't ask me why there are so many btob's songs at my blog , i also don't know why. i think maybe i'm in love with them ? or maybe not ;aaaa; eotteohke i got so many biases T_____T and i'm so fking addicted to "WoW" gosh this song is just awesome. wae btob wae you must seduce me ? minhyukkie, sungjae-ahhh and peniel-ssi aiguuu.

hmm i guess i'll be buying btob's album ;aaaa; shit shit can't stop myself *bang my head to the wall* i'm hungrehhhh :|

ohh btw i've received my mcm bagpack and iam tshirt long time ago. lol i only can upload it now xD

damn i just hope i'll receive my exo's pencil case and bias' necklace soon :/
Dear Lee Soo Man, SMTOWN Concert in Malaysia juseyo

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