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semi-hiatus ;
Saturday, September 29, 2012 ,3:59 PM (+ 0)

hello guys. i'm proud to say i am a crown now (crown is the official fanclub name of c-clown) . just look at my ray, he reminds me of tao so much. i love him omgggg. ray ish mine don't chu dare to touch him *evil laugh* oh btw i'm changed my twitter username to @naekko_ (was previously @chanugudayeol)

btw, i'm going for my hiatus very soon. my exam starts on 12/10 (omg shit it's my birthday) so say bye to fanfic world for a while. i will update the next chapter on november. i'm really sorry *bows 90 degree* i promise to give more updates after my hiatus. i will also be doing an english fanfic after my hiatus. i've made an asianfanfics account, so please add me or subscribe me juseyo. you can get the link from my flavors 

look at my blog now. ohh i forgot to tell you that i've changed my url (was previously capital-p.bs.com) and i've deleted my 2nd blog which is byuntae-oppar.bs.com for some reasons. i had also reopened my affies so please tell me if you want to exchange links with me. about my blog looks, this is only a semi-hiatus or hiatus skin. i will make a new one after my hiatus , can't wait any longer for it

it's not like i won't be online until november, i will but for a short time since i need to study more. so please wait for me, i'm going to miss everything. my derps ; nami and adlin saeng , my husband ; chanyeol , my biases , my dylan and everything ! *sobs* so please miss me too keke bye
waiting patiently for the official announcement of ukiss' concert or fanmeeting or showcase in malaysia

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