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The Special to Kiss Me .
Sunday, September 30, 2012 ,10:34 PM (+ 0)

assalamualaikum and annyeonghaseyo.

today i went to jusco cheras selatan #again just to buy an album and k-stuffs. so i've bought <The Special to Kiss Me> album by UKISS. aww i fking love the photobook, that's why i bought it. I also Taeyeon's keychain and badge. will post the picture below.

btw, i'm kinda happy today. thanks to my appa for everything. because i had missed eating donuts so much, my father bought me j.co donuts <3 i don't eat them yet. they are waiting to be eat, will eat them after i post this ;D

actually when i went in comic paradise, i was really excited to see what's new but there's nothing new. so i take a look at the badges, keychains, earphones, cups, umbrellas and wallets ? (but i just bought a few things in the end lol) i'm saving my money for <Stop Girl> album so that's why i only bought a few things. since the album is not in stock yet, so i bought ukiss' the special to kiss me album first.

i will collect some money back for stop girl album, there is only not more than RM50 in my pocket lols T______T so i'm not going to buy tvxq's catch me album because idw to buy it lol (i'm not into tvxq that much)

oh btw at first, i want to buy c-clown's album but end up buying ukiss' album because ukiss is more important to me than c-clown. mianhae c-clown oppars but i will always be your crown ;_____; (will buy their album later) there are lots of new albums too, in fact i found exo-k's original album lol. i screamed tho i've bought it earlier because i didn't expect that they would brought in the album to my country.

but there is only 1 stock for the album lmao so grab it fast or you'll missed it. about exo, there is a rumor saying that exo will make their comeback in november and sment will announce their official fanclub name and color on their comeback date #omgspeechless can't believe it too much tho because rumors are often leggit well y'know. let's just wait for some official news (i'm still waiting for snsd's news lol)

being kiss me for more than a year is heaven for me <3 i will always love ukiss and be a kiss me 

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