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What should I write here ?
Saturday, September 8, 2012 ,10:31 AM (+ 0)

assalamualaikum and peace be upon you. ohh god just look at my baby up there. sexayy hair yeol thanks for driving me crazy ;aaaaaa; whut ?

i look different today ? ohh just please don't ask me why because i don't want to hurt myself so i'm not going to think about it anymore. i'm just gonna pray and leave it to Allah. Allah knows what's best for me (but i'm still hoping for a miracle to happen tho)

sometimes i wonder why i can't be happy, my life is full of sadness since i was born. i'm hurting inside since i was a kid. don't i deserves to be happy too ? just why ? why all these things must happen to me ? what are my wrong doings ? have i done something wrong ? am i too cruel to own happiness ? ya allah i am so sad. just please give me my happiness and never take it back again. i am not that strong to be like this.

my friend said that he's stupid. yeah kinda, can't deny it. he's really immature. my friend said the same thing too. but idk why i just can't give him what he deserves because i can't bear to look him hurt. tho he said bad things to me, i still says good things to him, well i am just too stupid. but what can i do ? i was born stupid. i'm tired of these. i am just too stupid so that people take advantages on me.

whatever let's just not talk about this. i miss my yeol. yeah my baby chanyeol, jeongmal mianhaeyo oppa for ignoring you these days. i've ignored you a lot recently idk why. eotteohke ? what should i do oppa ? i'm hoping that you and the exo members will give me my strength and joyness back. i'm not my cheerful self because i just can't be that self right now.

so i hope my exo babies will make their comeback fast, just to cheer me back up, jebal.

aishh yeol oppa. nan jeongmal eotteohke ???
PS: idk when can i vanish this feeling tho it's hurting me this much ∞

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