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exo-m will be the guest for suju-m's showcase in malaysia.
Wednesday, October 3, 2012 ,3:35 PM (+ 2)

assalamualaikum and annyeonghaseyo.

hello guys i got great news for malaysians exo and btob fans. this is confirmed by marctensia (the official organiser for suju-m's super showcase 4 in malaysia) that exo-m as well as btob will be the official guests at suju-m's showcase. if you don't believe me, you can simply check it for yourself at marctensia's official facebook page here ; click me

i definitely can't stop crying right now. dream comes true. well not yet but almost. i really hope i can see them with my own eyes. i'm going to try my best to get the tickets. i might be going there with my friend (she's a die-hard exo fans too just like me) so please pray for me that i will get the tickets ! i am in desperate condition right now erghhh. not just that i am excited to see my exo babies, but also i will get to see my suju and btob babies ;aaaa; this is heaven

oh btw, the price details of the ticket had not been released yet. it will be released on this upcoming friday (05.10.12) , please look at marctensia's official facebook page for more details on the showcase. and also the tickets will be on sell starting mid-October (will be informed later)

i'm currently trying my best to collect money to buy a ticket to the showcase for myself and also to buy lightsticks (exo-m and suju-m's) to show my support to them. for btob i will just make a banner for them since i'm not a die-hard fans of them but i still supports them no matter what keke.

pray for me so that i can get the tickets just in time kay ? tsk thankyuuu bye
exo will make a cameo appearance for the last episode of to the beautiful you ; i am sooooo excited !

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