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Get well soon Dongho.
Saturday, October 13, 2012 ,4:51 PM (+ 5)

assalamualaikum & yeorobeun annyeong.

i am sad. just look at our smiling maknae dongho. i miss him and i am pretty much worried about him. my shin dongho had been suffering from a lung infection ( i forgot it's name ) . this is what had happened . he was on his way to go to his schedule when suddenly he feels much pain at his chest and barely able to breath . he was then sent to the emergency room.

the doctor said that he is suffering from a lung infection and may undergo surgery. when i read this i almost cried. i almost teared up. tho i didn't cry, i'm still crying silently in my heart. what had happened to my lovely maknae shin dongho and why must this happened to ukiss ? 

thinking of dongho and also ukiss can't stop me from making myself crying. let's pray for uri dongho and uri ukisseu. i hope the other members will stay strong for this. uhm btw you guys should never blame NH Media for this because they had done nothing. for all these time, they had been taking good care of our ukiss, trust me. please don't judge them if you don't really know them. 

the second thing that made me cried is ukiss. as you know ukiss had debuted on August 28, 2008 and it's been like 4 years and 2 months now since their debut. soohyun said that seeing their friends who debut later than them winning various awards make them envy and jealous. i almost teared upon hearing this. i just hope someday i can see them holding their very first award and more awards because they deserved it.

let's pray for our ukiss and dongho. please stay strong for all of these. i know you guys can go through all of these because you guys had been strong in everything since the past. ukiss fighting ! get well soon dongho 
so dongho will not be able to join ukiss in malaysia for the k-pop storm concert due to his lung infection tsk. ukiss shouldn't come too because they had a very solid schedule and i bet they will not get enough sleep later and i am so worried

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