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Friday, October 12, 2012 ,3:16 PM (+ 5)

assalamualaikum & yeorobeun annyeong.

yae yae i can't tell you how am i happy today because today is my birthday keke. just want to thanks all of my friends who had wished me a happy birthday xx gomapta keurigo saranghae !

thanks a lot to hidayah & my yeodongsaeng for the birthday presents. i love you guys so much tsk. hidayah gave me a photo album. there are photos of exo-k and chanyeol on the first page. and at the second page, there is a note written on a paper and had been put in by my friend to wish me on my birthday and at the bottom, there's a drawing of chanyeol made by her ! omg i just love all her drawings and i got chanyeol's and i'm so freaking.............. proud *tears*

for my younger sister's birthday present, she had gave me a diary. a pooh diary, aww tbh i love all of her presents because she loves to give me cute things keke. the diary is so cute and it comes with a cute disney pen. i can also lock the diary for my own privacy >:D

well someday i should capture a picture of my presents lol. but maybe next time heheh . ohh and thanks to my parents too. jeongmal gomapta. they bought me a cake and also kentucky fried chickens for my birthday celebration ;aaa; i ate a lot ! T_____T ( and you know how much i freaking love cakes right ) the cake is.................................................................... DELICIOUS

so right. enuff said. btw thanks for my 3rd SOTD at blogskins. ahh gamsahabnida T____T *bows*
i just knew that i don't have any exact bias rn. i mean, i had liked too many groups but well obviously you know how much i love exo, ukiss and snsd right ?

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