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stupid digi i swear i'm pissed.
Tuesday, October 23, 2012 ,3:34 PM (+ 0)

yeorobeun annyeong miehehhehe. okay why did i laughed ? actually i'm pissed. pissed with digi. i swear digi is the most stupid company ever in malaysia. i will never let my family or friends to use digi even my husband, my sons, my daughters, my grandchildren and everyone ! i hate digi forever, i'm cursing and i swear i will kill that yellow bald man if i sees him anywhere.

digi is just some stupid trolls like anyone else. stupid. do you know about the news of snsd and suju are coming to malaysia ? it's fake. yeah ikr i'm pissed off too. digi told us like they are going to do a concert or something in malaysia but actually digi is just giving away some stupid tickets to see snsd and suju live in singapore for smtown concert. isn't that stupid ?

even the smtown concert in singapore is an old news. and why the fuck must digi promotes a concert in singapore while actually digi is one of malaysia's communicating company ? isn't that is obviously way too stupid ? it's not just me who is cursing, it's everyone. everyone who calls themselves as SONEs and ELFs.

all of them were patiently waiting for the news when the truth has really been revealed that they are actually talking about smtown sg not about snsd and suju is coming to malaysia for a concert or anything. they have waited all day long just for news. wouldn't you be heart broken if you were one of them ? me, myself is also waiting for the news until someone told us that digi is trolling. i burst out into anger

so our dreams to meet snsd and suju are broken along with our broken hearts and tears. blood tears for me *coughs* can i just kill all the digi staffs and managers and all ?! well i wish i could but i can't. nevermind tho i'm happy again because of seohyun. seohyun is hinting us at an snsd's comeback soon. she told the media that snsd will comeback soon and she is excited for it and to see what will be the reactions of the fans omg thank you seohyun for giving a hint, at least i don't have to wait any longer for their comeback. at least there's already a hint that a comeback is confirmed for snsd. woots
looks like i will have to collect lots and lots of money from now on for any possibilities to come like exo-m's showcase which i didn't prepare anything for it lmao

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