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[UNCONFIRMED] EXO-M will possibly come to malaysia
Monday, October 1, 2012 ,12:59 PM (+ 0)

assalamualaikum and annyeonghaseyo.

i got super great news (currently sobbing tho it's not confirmed yet) well as you know , suju-m is coming to malaysia on december for their 1st asia showcase. and today i've logged in my facebook because i was bored and i didn't go to school today because of something personal lol.

and then something popped up at my notifications saying this, ' Marctensia (the organiser of suju-m's concert) posted in 2012 Asia Super Showcase 2012 in Malaysia: "SURPRISE!.." ' and i had clicked it . Marctensia had posted a question saying " Super Junior-M would like to invite guest artistes to their 2012 Asia Super Showcase in Malaysia. Who would you like as their SUPER Guest Artistes? " and guess what ? there are 3 options and the options consist of EXO-M , UKISS and BTOB.

was shocked to death O______O and currently exo-m has the most votes with 200+ votes, ukiss with 100+ votes and btob has not more than 50 votes currently (according to my last check) so exo-m will possibly be the guest for suju-m's concert omg, i am definitlely going if they will be the official guest for the concert. i actually vote both exo-m and ukiss but hoping for exo-m more because if ukiss will not be the guest for the concert, it's okay since they are still coming to malaysia for their album stop girl promotions.

so the conclusion is, exo-m might be the guest ! for those who didn't vote yet, you can vote here ; the poll . 

btw, i am pissed off tho because elfs are being selfish sometimes. is it that wrong to bring another group to their concert ? (i'm also part of the smtown family which means i support all of sment artists) it's not like suju-m is still not going to come if they bring a guest to their concert. what if bringing a guest is actually suju-m's own idea ? elfs should know how to respect their bias' idea. people are being immature sometimes. it's not like they are the one who's planning for the concert so they shouldn't judge.

but if the other groups are really going to be a guest at the concert, here's a tip for you ; do not publicly holds up banners for the group since you'll get bashed by elfs like they did at super show 4 concert. these fans are crazy and out of mind sometimes so please be careful. 

so i'm going to buy suju', ukiss' and exo's lightstick later , preparing for anything possible ^^ please also support our suju-m ! do not go to the concert if you're only going to support for exo-m / ukiss / btob. please be fair to both groups.
omg i need to make eunhyuk's banner for the concert keke still going tho if there will not be any guest at the concert xD

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