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wait for me ebelibadi.
Monday, October 22, 2012 ,2:45 PM (+ 0)

assalamualaikum and may peace be upon you . miss me ? no ? i don't miss you too. yes ? awwhh i miss you too babeh :* oh btw it's been a long long time right ? sorry for not updating. okay why do i have to be sorry for no one ? lalalala forget it. i'm talking nonsense.

my taeny feels.......... okay whut ? i'm going to tell you what i really want to tell you now. uhm uhm uhm. my exam ends on 31st October, so yay let's shout with me ! *krik krik* okay fine i'm used to it. i'm just so happy even you can't tell how happy am i because you don't know how happy am i. i will get my real freedom soon so please wait for me xoxoxoxox i'm going to miss you guys.

this is the only week which i'm going to be half dead. 3 killing subjects which are history, physics and that damn chemistry and 3 subjects that i hate the most. well i would have to say goodbye to history because i had just finished that today. yippeeeee. but damn i'm fkin worried for tomorrow because it's physics. physics dude it's physics. i don't study a thing yet, well i don't have the mood to tho maybe i will start studying tonight.

but next week ? it will be my half freedom. tho some of the subjects that i will be taking next week are pretty hard too, i'm still going to party like a hipster. loljk. okay noooo. i need to study physics and chemistry paper 3, history paper 3 (i will have to do research on it) and pendidikan islam (my religion's subject) yawww before i will get to my real freedom T-T

yup oh and yeah i hate the fact that i must go to school on 1st Nov to send my text books. well i'm thinking of not going to school tho maybe i should just come to school for a while, send the text books and go back home . sit back and write fanfics or editing graphics or perharps gaming bruhhh with my friends yippeeee. i will ask my parents first.

OHHH BTW I GOT GREAT NEWS. okay calm down pika....... SNSD is............... coming to Malaysia........... next month............... omg............. i need to............ kill myself.......... okay no........... i'm just......... *tears* i'm too happy c': 

i remember their promise that they will come again to malaysia and yeah they will . i am so proud of my sonyuhshidae babies chuchuchuuuuu <3 oh and yeah don't forget that i got mind-fucked up between snsd's concert and exo-m's showcase yaaaaaay. i don't think i'll be going for exo-m's :c sorry babies i just need to pick one and only if i had that much money to go both T-T i'm such in a dilemma now erghhh.

okay whatever the concert will be on next month. i think i will be going to snsd's. i'm really sorry exo-m geges i'm not ditching you. if you guys really want me to go to your showcase then please give a VIP pass to go in loljk
so bye guys pray for my physics tomorrow uhm

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