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Friday, November 16, 2012 ,1:39 AM (+ 0)

i've dreamed about this guy yesterday

how are you guys ? uhm i don't have the mood to do anything related to work (update fanfics, make graphics etc.) because i'm having a fever rn. ahh but feeling a lot more better everyday. i had fever since 5 days ago. i just don't tell it to anyone because you know i don't like to tell things that is related to me to anyone. and yeah yesterday i had a dream about my biases again. this time it's yesung from super junior and all 9 angels from Soshi 

idk what's wrong with me these days. i've been dreaming about my biases lately. i do love it but it's weird to have so much dreams about your biases right. but chanyeol didn't appear in any of my dreams yet sobs. the last time that i've dreamed about him is maybe 2 months ago or last month. i don't remember at all but it was a nightmare lol

don't worry i don't have any skinships with yesung in my dream lol k k in case if you're worried. don't kill me ;A; btw, have you watched exo-k's cf for samsung's new laptop ? omfg chanyeol. i can't contain any feels when i saw him in the video. he is sooooo flawless. and his rap kyaaaaaaaaaah *flips everything* sobs and yeah i hate sehuna's new hair because it's green . how dare you sooman ahjeosshi. how dare you do that to the maknae ? it is so fuglehhh tsk tsk i can cry rn

i miss sehuna in blonde. his blonde hair was only for a while. i thought it would be longer than i expect. and yeah there were rumors about sehun will go for a green hair for their comeback. i don't expect the rumors to be true damn the worst rumor ever. and in the same rumor they had also say that 8 of the exo members will have blonde hair for their comeback and some of them will be in long hair. andwaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

oh btw i have changed my twitter username to this. so please don't miss chanyeolick anymore lawl jk. 

idk why but lately i feels sad. i don't have any idea what makes me sad but if i know, i won't tell anyone about it too. heheh *sings i'm a loner by cnblue*

omg and if you guys have been stalking my entries since a long time ago, you'll know that i don't really confess everything about my life in this blog. yeah i don't. even to my friends. i rarely confessed about my feelings to anyone. i love to struggle on my own problems alone. i don't like sharing (except for sharing news about my bias lol) really. somehow i am selfish. this is bad. uhm i should change or maybe no

yeah my father always scold me for this. idk how to socialize with people around me. it'll get awkward for me if i am trying to. idk how to start a conversation. idk how to talk to people calmly or act cool. i'm such a liar omg. the one who you knew now is fake. i am not the real pika you knew. but i am actually someone else in reality (you can ignore this paragraph)

(this is an off-topic) i've entered a contest in order to win tickets to asia super showcase 2012. please pray for me to win. i desperately want to go to the showcase sobs. at first, i was going to buy the RM183 ticket, but then marctensia told me that the ticket is sold out. i was like forever crying ya know. i want to meet exo-m that bad ! erghh please give me this chance to meet them. sobbing. just please jebal dowajuseyo *creying*

i have also entered a contest to win tvxq's catch me album. i hope i'll win that contest too since i don't have much money to buy it sobs. and the album is pretty kewl so i want to add it to my collection. hoping to win this too

hello hello moshi moshi ciao ciao busy busy (ignore this) kangjun should be an actor. he is so fking good in acting. you should watch him in because we might grow distant mv. he gave me the true feels of watching a kdrama lawl. he is so good in acting. proud of my jun *claps* i'm still searching who's the one who has the same voice as yoseob beast in c-clown. omg is it ray ;A; my ray baby (i was just guessing) if it is, then i salute him for having such a great voice sobs sobs. my baby ray sarang sarang

can't wait to watch them at inkigayo and music bank omg todaaaaaay ! yaaaay my ray i miss you xoxoxox

yes you are more important than anything else in this world chanyeol (this is so random lmao) when actually i meant someone else coughs
in case you go far away in case you might dislike me i wanted to tell you but my lips would not move #because we might grow distant - c-clown

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